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Once we receive the affidavit of publication from the newspaper an electronic copy will be emailed to you for your business records.
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Georgia Corporation Publishing Requirements for McIntosh County

If your business is not located in McIntosh County please click “Counties We Serve” in the menu to find your county.

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Georgia Corporation Publishing Requirements for McIntosh County

In accordance with the requirements of the State of Georgia Law, notice of each new corporation that is registered in McIntosh County, Georgia must be published in a newspaper where the principal place of business is located.

If this legal notice is NOT published in McIntosh County then you are NOT in compliance with the State of Georgia Law.

Registering your corporate name with the state of Georgia and publishing your business name in an approved newspaper in McIntosh County are not the same. When you register your business name you are also required to publish your business name in an local approved newspaper in McIntosh County. If you published your business name in an approved newspaper you should have received a notarized affidavit with a copy of the published announcement from the newspaper for your records. If you do not have this affidavit then you need to publish your business name in an approved newspaper in McIntosh County.

Penalty for Not Publishing your Georgia Corporation Name in McIntosh County

Failure to meet the publishing requirement may cause the corporate veil to be broken and disregarded by the state of Georgia. If a business fails to comply, the business, its members, and those interested in doing such business may not maintain any action, suit, or proceeding in any court of the state until this statute is complied with.

By having us publish your Georgia corporate name in McIntosh County this can be avoided.

Publishing your Georgia Corporation in McIntosh County can be confusing for business owners

Common problems business owners have when trying to publish their Corporation name in an McIntosh County, Georgia newspaper

  • Most individuals are not familiar with generating a legal notice
  • Writing the legal notice takes time that you might not have
  • Choosing the correct newspaper in McIntosh County to place the legal notice in is critical
  • Researching how to place the legal notice in a newspaper from McIntosh County and purchasing/submitting the legal notice in the newspaper takes time that you might not have

Why Choose Us for Publishing your Georgia Corporate Name in McIntosh County

From start to finish we make a complex issue simple. We have a long and well-established relationship with the McIntosh County newspapers. With the vast number of newspapers in circulation in McIntosh County our staff knows which newspapers comply with the Georgia statues and will select the appropriate newspaper.

Our Georgia Corporation Name Publication Process in McIntosh County

  • We generate a legal notice that meets all the requirements for publishing a corporation in the State of Georgia.
  • We submit the legal notice to a McIntosh County newspaper where your principal office is located.
  • We obtain the affidavit from the McIntosh County newspaper that your legal notice has been published.
  • The affidavit of publication are mailed to you for your business records and proof of legal compliance with the State of Georgia Law.

Timeline to Complete Georgia Corporate Name Publishing in McIntosh County

Completion is approximately 4-6 weeks. During this time, we will generate your legal notice, arrange and publish your legal notice in an County newspaper, obtain the affidavit from the newspaper, and mail you the affidavit of publication for your business records.

Georgia Corporate Name Publishing Pricing for McIntosh County

Price is determined by the cost of the newspaper advertisements plus our service fee for preparing the legal notice, submitting it to the newspaper and providing you with the affidavit of publication. The price we provide during the signup section below is all inclusive and there are no additional or hidden fees.